About Us

Sybylline Robotics, a start-up acknowledged by start-up India at IIT Patna, we have established the India’s first online platform to give students the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality.

The platform where students will learn how to implement a concept, build a robot, and totally unique scientific kits

At Sybylline Robotics We nurture excellency and with practical approach we enhance the inner skill and talent of students

Why Choose Us

Inculcating Robotics Skills

Progressive Learning Path

Adaptive Learning

Hands on Experience

100% Certified

Our Services

Robotics Lab

Now get the most exiting and tech friendly full fleged customizable Robotics Lab for your school with all the required amenities and kits

Robotics Training

Todays students need to have a practical and problem solving approach in their study which we provide them with our uniquely designed trainning curriculum with different kits of robots

Virtual IOT-R Lab

Seeing towards the current situation of pandemic we are offering an virtual based IOT & Robotics Lab wherein the students will be able to control and learn the basics online with the kits

Our Products

Boxie Robot

A small box kind power packed robot including all the electronic components to make the learning  procedure enjoyable

Biped Robot

A quite cute and fun to learn Robot performing dancing moves

Biped Humanoid Robot

A small Humanoid Robot Performing actions according to the given commands 

Robotic Arm

An arduino driven and controlled a having ability to perform given tasks in versatile manner

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