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In today’s’ technology-driven world, it is important to prepare our students for the techie future. Imparting technical knowledge to young minds throughout their schooling can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and become productive members of society. Today’s institutes have already recognized the importance of robotics and automation in the classrooms and are teaching the basics of robotics and automation. These initiatives are opening a completely new world of exciting opportunities that the young minds would not have access to otherwise.    

Sybylline Robotics is one such unique learning facility for school and college students to understand the principles behind robotics and automation systems through integrated training. We are the only institution in Bihar providing industrial robot programming training for engineering students. The firm’s first office, located in the heart of the state of Bihar, focuses on robotics training from manually controlled robots to vision-based industrial robotics systems. We also conducting different training programs in Patna and Bihta.

The company is well established in the robotics and embedded system training field with more than 10+ training sessions and reach of more than 60+ Educational Institutions in East India. We have the best learning facility providing industrial robot programming using its our uniquely developed robot kits. Our team offers high-level technical support to a growing customer base. With years of research and development in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Automation, Agriculture, Water management areas, Sybylline Robotics is growing to a new level.


Pankaj Kumar Singh

Head of Operations & Product development

Ritesh Kumar Singh

Head of Product Research & Design

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