Why Robotics Should be Taught in Schools

  • Strong Robotics Curriculum Improves Confidence
  • Inter-Personal Skill Leading them to be Future Leaders
  • Integration of AI and Business Analytics
  • Fun based Learning Increases Creativity,best to turn Frustration into Innovation
  • Perfect Whole Brain Activity
  • Launchpad for Students to realize their passions
  • Ability to Understand cross-functional domain across different technology platfomrs

Difference Between Science Labs and SybyTech Labs

Science Labs SybyTech Labs
Science Labs are Intended for only accompanied experimenting SybyTech Labs are for innovation play and exists as experimenting workspace for students
Science Labs generally have delicate and premium apparatus and gears SybyTech Labs have equipment appropriate to the age of the intended students so that they can tinker without any fear
Science Labs have a constant and fixed design SybyTech Labs are intended to evolve with the institution
Science Lab activities limits itself to textbook learning only SybyTech Labs enables to think out of box with high tech kits
Science Labs have conventional material exercise and curriculum SybyTech Labs enables to be creative trough unconventional tool, graphics and ideas

Benefits to the Institute

  • Research Facility Inside School
  • Enhancing Teaching Methodologies
  • Practical Way of Learning and Training
  • Monetary Benfits to the Institute
  • Improves Digital Equality and Economic Development

Benefits to the students

  • Makes Student an Active Learner
  • Academic Curriculum printed Course
  • Robotics Competition
  • Develops Logical and Analytical Abilities
  • Introduction to current Advance Technology
  • Innovation based Project Execution

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