We are extremely happy to inform you that we have selected your prestigious educational institutions to conduct a seminar and workshop for the students.
This type of activities will allow student to dive into the ocean of Robotics and help them to develop a robot for themselves.It will enable to understand the basics of Robotics and what all latest trend in taking place  globally in tha sector of Robotics and Automations.
Not only that,we will organise a  interschool Robotics competition and exibition in your institute, which will allow student to show case their skills bring name,fame and glory to the institutions.Thereby providing an edges to the students and institutions accordingly.

We will be conducting a seminar for classes 6th to 12th. They will learn about:-

  • Component of Robots

  • Manual Robots

  • Autnoomous Robots

  • Biped Robots

  • Drones

  • Single Board Computers

  • 3-D Printing Technology

After the seminar, the interested students will be allowed to attend our workshops which will be conducted in the institutions itself by our experienced team.