Training Courses For College

We Sybylline Robotics with CELESTA IIT Patna have come up with India’s First Scrap Tech event in which you will be getting an opportunity to learn future ready skills in the most industry demanding domains with following workshops

The objective of this program is to impart a quality education to students which will help them convert their theoretical knowledge and fundamentals into practice and innovate new ideas and explore them with their own free will and space.
Once done with the workshops, you can participate in the event optime de junk where you will get a chance to build a unique prototype
Top prototype Finalist of optime de junk will be rewarded with a prize money up to 1 Lakh and get a chance to register it for the patent.

What participants will get
• Learn your Area of Interest directly from Industry Experts.
• Brings Confidence in you for Technical rounds of Interview.
• Scales up your CV/ Resume in Technical while boosting your Logical Abilities.
• Acquaint yourself with practical knowledge.
• Certificate of distinction from celesta IIT Patna

School Event

Everyone knows about the Covid-19 pandemic, but we have always neglected a pandemic that has been present for years in our school system that is called Theoretical learning. Very few have found a way out of this learning technique, which is a realistic approach, from parents to students. And from the given Statistical data with the population of 135 crores we have granted patent of just 12000 which is 0.0083 % and it’s because of one and only one thing Theoretical learning.

So at Sybylline Robotics, a start-up acknowledged by start-up India at IIT Patna, we have established the India’s first online platform to give students the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. The platform where students will learn how to implement a concept, build a robot, and totally unique scientific model/project. The teams from all over India will compete for prize money worth over 1 lakh.